Support Coinbit

There are a lot of things you can do to help Coinbit improve and become wide-spread.

Using CoinbitUsing Coinbit

Using Coinbit is just the simplest thing you can do to support Coinbit. Your accepting payments and making purchases with Coinbit will show our projection to many other people.

Be the networkBe the network

You may keep full node software running on your computer or server with port 8333 open. Full nodes are securing and relaying all transactions. Unfortunately, we can recommend to do so only if you have good computer and internet-connection.


You can start mining coinbits as well to help processing transactions but it would also require strong computer.


You may help Coinbit community to expand by translating our site to your language or language you have already mastered.


You can freely improve Coinbit in case you are a developer. Or, for example, you may develop different new instruments to make Coinbit even simpler and easier to understand.


Donate a few coinbits to BitGive or help directly — fund any project related to Coinbit that you believe will be helpful in the future.


Besides, you can join some organisation that chose to promote Coinbit in social networks.


Speak about Coinbit to interested people. Write about it on your blog. Tell your favorite shops you would like to pay with Coinbit . Help to keep merchant directories up to date. Or be creative and make yourself a nice Coinbit T-shirt.


You can follow the documentation at CoinBit wiki or our site and check if it is up to date.

Meet the communitiesMeet the communities

Join Coinbit communities and share your experience with other Coinbit enthusiasts. You can learn more about Coinbit every day, get involved in interesting projects and give help to new users.