Coinbit for Individuals

Coinbit is the easiest way to handle payments with low processing fees.

Mobile payments made easyMobile payments made easy

Two-step scan-and-pay technology on mobile allows easier paying using Coinbit. Just display the QR code in your Coinbit wallet app and let your friend scan your mobile or touch two phones together using NFC radio technology. Say no to signing up, typing a PIN, swiping your card, or signing anything.

Your money is securedYour money is secured

Military-grade cryptography secures your Coinbit transactions: nobody can make a payment on your behalf or charge you money. As long as you follow our instructions to protect your wallet, Coinbit gives you control over your money and a high-level of protection against frauds.

Any time, any placeAny time, any place

You don't need to ask your colleagues to use the same network — as long as it uses the same open technology, it is compatible with Coinbit. Coinbit works 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. All day, all night.

Fast worldwide paymentsFast worldwide payments

Coinbit knows no borders: sending them to another country is as easy as sending them to the neighbour. Era of three business days for money transfer or extra fees for an international transfer ends here.

To fee or not to feeTo fee or not to fee

There is no Coinbit receiving fee, and many wallets let you control the amount of fee to pay when spending. Most wallets have reasonable default fees, though higher fees can make the confirmation of your transactions faster. Fees have no connection to the amount transferred. Therefore, one can send 100,000 Coinbit for the same fee as for 1 Coinbit.

Your identity is protectedYour identity is protected

Coinbit has no credit card number that some thief can use to impersonate you. Besides, Coinbit even allows you to hide your identity while sending a payment. Though, you should take note that protecting your privacy depends on you, too.