Coinbit for Businesses

Coinbit is a safe and fast way to exchange money.

To fee or not to feeTo fee or not to fee

There is no Coinbit receiving fee, and many wallets let you control the amount of fee to pay when spending. Most wallets have reasonable default fees, though higher fees can make the confirmation of your transactions faster. Fees have no connection to the amount transferred. Therefore, one can send 100,000 Coinbit for the same fee as for 1 Coinbit.

Protection against fraudProtection against fraud

Credit cards or PayPal have the problem of payments that are later reversed. Chargeback frauds result in prices increase and limited market reach, which in turn penalizes customers. Coinbit, in its turn, provides irreversible and secure payments, so that the cost of fraud should no longer be pushed onto the merchants.

Fast worldwide paymentsFast worldwide payments

Coinbit knows no borders: sending them to another country is as easy as sending them to the neighbour. Era of three business days for money transfer or extra fees for an international transfer ends here.

No PCI standard requirementsNo PCI standard requirements

Extensive security checks are often required in order to comply with the PCI standard when accepting credit cards online. Coinbit, while still requiring you to secure your payment requests and your wallet, carries costs and responsibilities that come with processing sensitive information from your customers, such as credit card numbers.

Get some free visibilityGet some free visibility

To accept coinbits is to get new customers and give your business a good impact. Lots of new customers are searching for ways to spend their coinbits, and accepting a new payment method always was a far-sighted practice for online businesses.


Multi-signature in Coinbit allows to spent coinbits only in case a part of the group of people authorizes the transaction. For example, multi-signature can be used by a board of directors to prevent any member to spend money without enough consent from other members, and, moreover, to track members who allowed each payment.

Transparency of accountingTransparency of accounting

As many organizations are required to produce accounting documents about their activity, Coinbit helps with this. Coinbit offers you the highest level of transparency as you can provide information your members can use to verify your transactions and balances. Non-profit organizations can also easily publish how much they receive in donations.